When was the last time you took your family camping, let alone anywhere further than the neighborhood mall? Camping is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, suck up some of that much-needed vitamin D, and bond with your family. Unfortunately, for most of us, it’s not always easy to just pack up and leave. The thought of having to find a campground, gather the gear, food, and necessities wears out even the most hardcore campers. So sometimes we all need a little push to go outside. Here’s six reasons why you should finally take your family on that long overdue camping trip.


1. Getting away from it all

Being in the wilderness, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, really gives you time to think. It gives you a sense of placidity, the kind you don’t get when you’re constantly confronted by your nosy neighbors and incredibly demanding boss, or even just seeing that list of errands on the fridge. When you’re out there, miles away from any form of civilization, you really do get away from it all.


2. The nostalgic campfire treats

One word—s’mores. This satisfying combination of roasted marshmallow, slightly melted Hershey’s, and graham crackers is definitely the best thing about camping. And the entire experience itself, from roasting marshmallows on a stick (which your kids dedicated half their day finding) to telling stories about the boogieman around the campfire, is something you’ll never get from TV dinners.


3. A chance to rekindle old flames

Imagine grabbing a cold six pack from your cooler, kicking back with your spouse, just watching the stars. The kids have already dozed off from the inevitable sugar high from the s’mores. It’s just you and your spouse under a cloud of stars. It’s as romantic as it gets. Not only will you save yourself a ton of money from fancy dinners, but you’ll also be able to talk and reconnect. You’ll most likely stumble upon those rare ‘remember when’ moments which are proving harder to come by.


4. The abundance of choices

America is literally a haven for campers. We have one of the world’s most famous national parks, including Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Grand Canyon to name a few. These local gems are dream camping destinations for travelers all over the world. From campsites tucked away in the mountains and forests, or the one’s overlooking local lakes, the choice is yours.


5. Cherishing the good ol’ American tradition

Camping is one of the oldest American tradition there is. It’s almost like a rite of passage, one that every American boy and girl must go through in order to fully complete their childhood. From reciting campfire sing-a-longs to mastering the art of starting a campfire, these little know-hows are what your kids will remember for the rest of their lives. If one thing’s for certain, you and your family will also be rewarded with peculiar family traditions like drinking hot chocolate in a pot.


6. Getting your bang for the buck

How long has it been since your tent have left the garage? It’s probably about time you take your multi-hundred-dollar investment on a little trip. Let that baby see some sunlight before it wears out. You definitely didn’t buy all those camping equipments to leave inside a dark room. Camping equipments are a long term investment that should be used for years to come. So take them all out this Thanksgiving, Christmas, or whenever you get time off. And if you happen to realize that you’re missing a cooler, check out Palm Cooler, because we’ve got you covered. Remember, regardless of what anyone, including your wife, says, cooler are cool. You can quote us on that.