What is a roto-moulded cooler? How are they made?

A roto-moulded cooler, or a rotationally moulded cooler, is an extremely durable cooler that is made to keep ice for a span of 5 to 7 days. They are mainly used for the outdoors when there is little to no source of electricity in order to keep your food from spoiling and your beverages chilled. Of course there are other uses for them as well such as fishing, hunting, tailgating, etc. These coolers can sustain the toughest conditions and abuse due to their design and construction.


How can you sell your coolers at MORE THAN half price?

Because we are a manufacturer direct to consumer retailer. Our high quality coolers comes from our factory and goes straight to your front door. The cheapest and most efficient way possible.


Our coolers are in stock and ready to ship! As soon as you order, your cooler will be prepared for shipment. However, if you do not see an option for the size and color you prefer, please wait for a couple of days for inventory to be updated.


Is your 45 quarts actually 45 quarts or smaller? (Question applies for all sizes.)

Yes, the 45 is actually a 45, 65 is 65, etc. We measure from the inside out, meaning that the capacity of our coolers are what they actually claim to be, not smaller.


How long will your cooler keep ice?

There is more to ice-retention than what any individual can and will say about it, therefore, our answer to you will be more scientific. There are many variables to how long our coolers will hold ice, for instance: the outside temperature, if the cooler is under a shade, what type of ice and how much ice you’re putting in your cooler, etc. The short and honest answer would be: 5-7 days.


How often should I clean my cooler? And how?

Your cooler is built to endure the toughest and most extreme conditions. Therefore, it is entirely up to you on how often you want to clean your cooler! To wash, use regular dish soap and warm water. Allow the cooler to dry in the sun before closing the lid.

*Washing before first time use is recommended.*


How many 12oz cans will fit into my PALM?

Below is a rough estimate of how many 12oz cans, along with an ice ratio of 2:1, will fit into your cooler.

PC 30 – 18 cans
PC 45 – 30 cans
PC 65 – 45 cans
PC 90 – 57 cans
PC 145 – 94 cans


How can I get replacement parts?

We always have spares ready to be shipped out to you ASAP. You can purchase them on our website OR you can contact us by leaving a short message HERE and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as they can.


Does PALM offer a discount for bulk orders?

Definitely. For pricing on orders of 20+ coolers, please get in touch with us through e-mail: help@palmcooler.com or contact us through our page HERE and leave us a detailed message of what you need. Our customer support team will direct you accordingly.


How much do your coolers weigh?

PC 30 – 15.43 lbs.
PC 45 – 19.84 lbs.
PC 65 – 30.00 lbs.
PC 90 – 39.10 lbs.
PC 145 – 50.71 lbs.


How is shipping cost and tax calculated?

When you buy from PALM, forget the fees. Taxes are FREE and shipping costs for orders over $35 are FREE!


Are PALM Coolers dry-ice compatible?

Yes, of course.


How do you ship? Do you ship to a PO Box?

PALM Coolers ships UPS Ground within the continental US & Alaska. Unfortunately, we can not ship to a PO BOX.


Do you ship international?

Yes, of course. However, shipping fees will be extra. If you want your cooler shipped internationally, please contact our customer support team before you put in an order. E-mail: help@palmcooler.com


Can PALM Coolers also keep hot items hot?

Definitely. You’ll be surprised at how good our coolers are at keeping and maintaining the internal temperatures inside.


How long will it take for my cooler to ship?

Please allow 1-5 business days for your order to be processed and an additional 1-4 business days for your order to arrive based on your location and products ordered. 

Please note that UPS Ground does not operate on the weekends. If you put in an order on a Thursday evening or Friday, it is likely that your order will not be picked up until the following Monday or Tuesday. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Will I receive my tracking number automatically?

No. However if you would like one, please contact our customer support and they will provide you with your tracking number.